Brandon Festival of the Arts: Dance, Music and Speech Arts

Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of Brandon Festival of the Arts, Inc. will be held in Room L-04, the School of Music, Brandon University, on Monday, September 21, 2015 at 7:00 PM, for the purpose of: •receiving and considering the annual reports and financial statements for the year ended July 31, 2015; •electing officers; •appointing committees; and •transacting such further and other business as may properly come before the meeting. - Dated this 18th day of August, 2015 - On behalf of the Officers and Directors, Brandon Festival of the Arts, Inc.

Images used under Creative Commons Licenses - Cello: Nosha on Flickr | Ballet: Emi Yañez on Flickr | Fabulous Lettering: Caro Wallis on Flickr