Brandon Festival of the Arts: Dance, Music and Speech Arts

Notice of Annual Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of Brandon Festival of the Arts, Inc. will be held in the School of Music, Brandon University on Monday, September 15, 2014 at 6:30 PM, for the purpose of: •receiving and considering the annual reports and financial statements for the year ended July 31, 2014; •electing officers; •appointing committees; and •transacting such further and other business as may properly come before the meeting.

Dated this 15th day of August, 2014
On behalf of the Officers and Directors, Brandon Festival of the Arts, Inc.

Images used under Creative Commons Licenses - Cello: Nosha on Flickr | Ballet: Emi Yañez on Flickr | Fabulous Lettering: Caro Wallis on Flickr